World War I Memorial Dedication - VA, MD, and DC

Washington DC is well known for the many memorials, statues, and landmarks that pay tribute to history and serve as a destination for so many visiting our Nation’s Capital.  When the National World War I Memorial was recently completed and dedicated in a well-publicized live stream and in-person event, Infinite Power was there to make sure the event was executed perfectly.

Working with the Event Producers and AV team, Infinite Power supplied 2 movie-silent generators paralleled for seamless redundant power to the live-stream broadcast as well as the onsite production trailer, lighting, and more.  The third smaller movie-silent generator supplied power to a remote location LED wall for viewers to watch the ceremony.

As the sites are part of the National Mall and facilitated by the National Park Service, extra attention to detail was given to ensure that the power was safe, cable paths were clean and neat with ADA compliant cable ramps, and spill protection was underneath all generators, in addition to the generators having 110% spill containment built in.  During the event, Infinite Power had an experienced technician onsite to make sure everything went seamlessly

Overall, the event was a huge success, and the Memorial looks forward to welcoming visitors in the future!

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