Temporary Power, Generator Rentals - VA, MD, DC

Serving Washington DC, VA, & MD

Need power for an event or temporary need?  Infinite Power is staffed by seasoned professionals with the know how to provide any solution.  Here are some pieces of information that we will ask about:

  • How many hours per day will the event/project need power?
  • Can the power be turned off or does it require 24 hour operation?
  • When is the event; when does it need to be set-up by and when does it need to be removed by?
  • What needs power?
    • Coffee machines? Lights? Audio?
    • If you would like us to ask your lighting/audio company about power needs we will gladly do so.
  • Is the power for vendors?
    • How many vendors?
    • What are the vendors requests for power?

With just a few simple questions we can figure out the size and voltage requirements. We can be as involved in your event as you would like and take you out from being the middle man.

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