Climate Control - VA, MD, DC

Need climate control for an event or temporary need?  Infinite Power has the knowledge to heat or cool any space.  Here are some pieces of information that we will ask about:

Is the event in a tent or a building?

If tent:

  • What time of year/date of the event?
  • What city is it in?
  • Daytime event or nightime?
  • What type of event? Will it involve a speech or will it involve dancing? Are people seated or milling around?
  • Is the tent white? If not what color?
  • How many people in the tent?
  • Besides HVAC needs is power needed for anything else?
  • What type of ground is the tent sitting on? Grass? Pavement?
  • We will most often need a forklift to place our units, would you like us to provide one or will you have one?
  If building:
  • What time of year/date of the project?
  • Where is the location of the space?
  • What are the dimensions of the space?
  • How high are the ceilings? Is it stone, concrete, or wood?
  • Is it insulated?
  • If you do not know, can we get a site visit?  (Best option)
With this information we can draw up the correct requirements to have your space at your optimal temperature.

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