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You can't conduct a special event without reliable power. It's an essential element of any event's planning and execution strategy. If you're an event organizer, you know you only have one shot to get things right. Miscalculation of your power needs will produce crushing results. It's always smart to partner with a trusted rental power company that will provide you with the consultation, equipment, and setup to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Infinite Power is that trusted rental power company for event planners in VA, MD, and DC.

Infinite Power stocks a wide range of rental generators that will be strategically chosen based on your event's specific need. Every event setup is unique. You may require a single large rental mobile generator or multiple smaller units strategically placed to deliver the optimal power solution for your event. Of course it is not simply all about power, you must consider your power distribution strategy. We're glad to consult you regarding how best to deploy rental transformers, distribution panels, and cables of every type to complete your event power system need. Yes, power is a complicated subject but it need not be complicated for you. We're here for you starting with event planning and carrying you through all the way to post-event tear down.

We invite event planners, big or small, to give us a call. Contact Infinite Power for reliable special event power solutions.

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