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If your familiar with our rental generator power service offerings here at Infinite Power, then you should be aware that we are MUCH more than an equipment service provider. Whether you rent from us or not, we are concerned friend, neighbor, and service provider. Today let’s talk about refueling management and safety.

There are serious considerations when implementing your refueling process. A refueling plan must be established in order to ensure safety while carrying out the procedure. Refueling management plans require extreme caution for safety purposes. Since gasoline vapors are highly explosive it is necessary to consider multiple threats to your operating environment.

First, never refuel a hot machine. Make sure you have an extinguisher capable to address the worst-case scenario. Check the surroundings before doing the refueling process. Make sure to extinguish all cigarettes, heaters or any other open flame. Turn off exposed lights. When working on filling portable containers with fuel, ensure that all sources of ignition are off. The container will be placed on the ground and filled slowly. Remember to refrain from breathing in the vapors. And during fuel delivery, it is necessary to strictly follow the safety recommendations of the fuel supplier. Avoid spills by not over-filling the tank. And during the event the fuel delivery must be delivered into the correct tank. Always remember that gasoline vapors are flammable and are heavier than air and it will travel long distances to an ignition source.

Following utmost safety procedures, it is necessary to check the area around the vents of the receiving tanks for possible ignition sources. Make sure to observe the vents during delivery for proper operation. Knowledgeable person will be the one to operate emergency fuel cutoffs and be aware of the location of and how to operate the fire extinguishers.

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