Tent Events Require Widely Varying Power Capacities

When it's a tented event, portable generators are prime necessity to power up the entire party. However, with all the other aspects of the party that you are trying to round up and accomplish, your power rental needs might not be the first thing that will pop into your head.

So in this blog, we provide you a quick information of the 3 different sizes of portable generators. This will help you decide easily on what size to rent for your tented event.

Our smaller units range offer power capacity from 500W to 4kW. These units are usually used for camping and tailgating. A lot of inverter-type generators are invented in this size range and presents more advantages than a conventional portable generator. Small Inverter Portable Generators are engineered to be quiet, light and fuel-efficient. This fulfills the common customer demands when hosting small gatherings in remote site. These generators can relate to another unit to provide additional power. However, not all portable generator brands have this ability.

Medium-sized portable generators range 5kW to 20kW power output. These units have adequate capacity to run multiple large appliances simultaneously. They are more powerful than inverter-type generators. These generators are usually utilized on small- to mid-scale construction sites. This is suitable for a roomy, tented family reunion to station the unit distant from guests' ears.

Large mobile generators have a power output that range from 10kW to over 600kW. They are multi-purpose assets. While some medium-sized generators are capable to run a medium-sized tented events supporting 100 people or more, multiple units might need to be linked to pull the event off. A larger unit ultimately proves more efficient and predictable than linking multiple devices. Whether it's a large-scale tented wedding, major charity dinner, or an outdoor concerts, units like our 600kw generator should be your generator of choice.

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