Sound-Proof Mobile Generators for Professional Event Productions

Ultra-quiet generators (like the ones we supply here at Infinite Power) are essential for event and entertainment productions. However, most rental generator companies offer equipment that is not well insulated for noise. It's very important for event organizers to know what they are getting. You can rest assured that our rental mobile generators will deliver upon your power production needs with low-noise solutions.

What is A Silent Generator?

Silent Generators are generator units with sound-proof containers. This generator enclosure is made of several layers of different materials, both hard and soft. Hard materials are designed to rebound the sound energy back within the enclosure while soft materials are intended to absorb the sound energy and convert it into heat. The materials and layering techniques vary on the frequency range that a generator unit yields.

Since not all generators are crafted the same, it's important for event planners to be informed when searching for rental generator services.

A disruptive noisy machine is the last thing you want to support your event or show. When it comes to supplying silent power for events, movie production, live broadcast and other entertainment-related projects, Infinite Power should be your first choice. We carry a large inventory of portable generator sets meticulously designed for events and entertainment use.

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