Solar Hybrid Light Tower Rental Services

Combining an efficient solar panel with a compact Diesel engine, our solar hybrid rental light towers can run for over 450hrs on a single tank of fuel. When tapping the solar batteries, the unit can run over 20hrs without ever turning the engine on. These light towers are quiet, safe, and environmentally very friendly.

Solar Hybrid Light Towers give enormous benefits in providing the maximum lighting portability and assure safety among workers. With light towers, there will be no downtime since no interrupted illumination will happen during late hours that will hamper the continuous operation at work. It will increase the work safety protection since adequate lighting is fully provided even if works involve construction, road repair, demolition, movie production and remote rescue operation. It is a big assurance that light towers normally apply an inflatable mast that will serve as a diffuser to improve the lamp's illuminative characteristics.

It is notable that the special feature of light towers is its portability since there is no difficulty in transporting the equipment using a trailer, cart or manually by hand. It is accessible and adjustable making the lights continuously working without causing major disruption to the ongoing project. Wherever it is installed, it greatly contributes to the comfort and convenience of the people that will be efficient in the location.

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