Solar Hybrid Light Tower: Increase Safety and Productivity in Workplaces

Most job sites require both daytime and nighttime operation. During these crazy times, it seems everyone is working overtime to catch up from Covid business interruptions. Light towers to support night business operations is in abnormally high demand. Here at Infinite Power, we're here to tell you that we are stocked and ready to respond.

Here's just one of our many solutions ready to roll for you. Infinite Power's 4000W solar hybrid light tower is a mobile outdoor light system delivers powerful lighting while delivering extreme illumination at a very low fuel consumption rate. The system incorporates both solar and highly efficient diesel technologies to minimize fuel operational costs. It is a great light that operates with low noise technologies that both your crew and will ensure your job site remains within noise code compliance.

Our 4000W Solar Hybrid Light Towers employ LED light tower technologies that significantly reduces service issues and cost, run times, minimal fuel use and produces brighter and cleaner light. LED bulbs are the current trend in energy-efficient-lighting that win the hearts of many users and proven to be very effective and reliable.

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