Renting VS. Buying A Portable Generator for Events - VA, MD, DC

The convenience portable generators offer to events is its major benefit. But is buying a portable generator for events more feasible than hiring one?

It is highly important to keep in mind that portable generators will be maintained and operated properly for safety precautions. There are potential hazards due to the reckless use of portable generators that will include shocks and electrocutions, fires, carbon monoxide inhalation and noise. Hence, in order to avoid these hazards a qualified electrician will install a transfer switch on the generator. This will make sure that the wiring system will not energize at great distances avoiding workers and others at the area at risk for electrocution. Another thing is to make sure that the generator is properly grounded and that the grounding connections are tight. And to keep away from the noise and vibration hazards, portable generators will be located as far away as possible from the event site.

If you own a portable generator, you have to take all these things into account. This makes renting more advantageous since you no longer have to worry about these conditions. Your rental generator vendor will ensure your genset went through proper conditioning. They will also provide a licensed technician to assist you during your usage in order to ensure safety measures are correctly upheld.

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