Rental Portable Heaters: The Value Path to Heating Your Next Event - VA, MD, DC

To stay comfortable, outdoor events will be the safest way to gather in this year’s winter season. Giving your customers the best interest, be prepared to offer your clients the safest, best options for their events. At this time of the year, it is expected that heaters for outdoor events will be in high demand hence it is important to know some considerations in choosing heaters, their safety regulations and practices. rental portable heaters are giving out peace of mind and knowledge that your guests are going to be comfortable.

Like mobile heaters they are commonly used to create the right feel-good climate at any outdoor events. With old heaters, you will heat large tents with a high heating and air volume. Winter months increase the inventory use of fire pits and heaters for outdoor events. Renting portable heaters requires some considerations to choose the right type of heater to use. Considerations are at top level on the time of year, size of tent or outdoor area and the amount of people attending the event. In addition, it is also important to look at the maximum number of BTUs that determine what you need by multiplying the cubic footage of the space you want to heat by the number of degrees you want to increase the heat. Finally, it is more secure to provide high quality heaters that have been certified for safety. Always check that heaters will have a safety logo or certificate on them. This will give both you and your clients confidence in the heater and peace of mind at the event.

There are safety measures that are strictly to be followed when renting a heater. Because heaters use fuel and will be dangerous if not set up properly. Setting up the heater on level ground will reduce the chances of tipping. And ensure that it is placed at least 3 feet away from flammable materials like furniture, drapery, dry leaves, etc. Moreover, always have a backup fuel tank in case the first one freezes. This backup will be stored in a warm, dry place to make sure it is ready to go if needed.

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