Rental Portable Heaters for Large Winter Outdoor Events - VA, MD, DC

Professional event organizers and private citizens alike are sick and tired of being in Covid lockdown as it pertains to event planning.  It is frankly heart warming to hear our phones ringing and being a direct witness to people once again scheduling large group gatherings.

We're here today to inform you that, regardless of the square footage of your heating need, we have THE solution for you.  From the actual portable rental electric heater itself, to the rental generators that power them, to ducting systems and more, we are your one-stop outdoor event environmental control shop!

Rental electric heaters are typically used in large public events to:

  • Heat emergency medical tents to warm emergency responders stationed close in the event site.
  • Provide warmth in main viewing areas and event venues
  • Heat up tented roof-top terraces for parties

If you are chosen to facilitate a huge event like this, know that you can turn to Infinite Power for your outdoor event heating needs. Contact Infinite Power for heavy duty portable electric heaters.

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