Rental Light Tower Services: See Your Productivity Skyrocket - VA, MD, DC

One of our primary customer bases is the construction industry, both the commercial and residential construction industries. Momentum is profitable and the more you and your team progress, both day and night, the more profitable your business becomes. We make 24/7 operations possible via our rental light tower services and we are ready to go to serve you now!

A construction site with sufficient lighting during night work prevents damages and accidents. With rental light towers there is no area of your job site that can’t go 24/7. If the construction site is in a remote area, fuel capacity is important to be considered. It is necessary to get additional fuel tanks for light towers in order to reduce fuel trips. However, for electric-powered light towers which are very common, they are powered generators which run off of fuel. Another consideration in using light towers are the type of lamps being used. LED lamps are highly recommended though it is more expensive to buy but cost less to operate. They are brighter and last longer in extreme elements such as rain, snow or wind. It is also the most preferred type for light towers since they do not disappoint in providing brightness and more concentrated light for illuminating specific areas of a job site.

Having a light tower at a construction site increases safety for all operating machines and tools being used in the project. Safety is the product when it comes to operating machines that relies on visibility. Having enough light to not only see what you are doing but what others around you are doing is tremendously important. Awareness from the community plays a big role in safety when it comes to construction works.

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