Rental Light Tower Services for Work and Fest Events

Lighting services for your construction project or next festival event is just a phone call away to Infinite Power. One of the most important pieces of on-site equipment is your lighting system. We are seasoned professional experts in planning and delivering lighting solutions that will not only ensure participant and worker safety but also to deliver custom lighting effects to enhance participant enjoyment.

Consider just one of our special offerings, the 4000w Solar Hybrid Light Tower. This mobile outdoor lighting system provide high-intensity, bright white LED lighting wherever and whenever you need it. It is equipped with automated adjustable solar wings that offer independent solar off the grid or off-network systems that are durable and built to perform.

This system combines an efficient solar panel with a compact Diesel engine, these light towers can run for over 450hrs on a single tank of fuel. With the ability to run over 20hrs without ever turning the engine one, these light towers are quiet, safe, and environmentally very friendly.

Whatever your commercial or private outdoor lighting needs require, know that Infinite Power is ready to respond at the most value-priced service available anywhere. Contact Infinite Power today.

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