Reliable Generator Rental For Events of All Sizes

Event planners routinely benefit from rental power generation services. It takes a professional to place and distribute power across even small event sites. Infinite Power's mobile generator rental services (serving VA, MD, and DC) provide quick, convenient, and value-priced power generation to support the widest range of public and private events. We also source affordable backup power solutions to ensure everything goes smoothly in the event that your commercial power grid fails you at the exact wrong time.

Infinite Power is a trusted and reliable rental power company specializing in special events. Our engineers will ensure that you are sourced the perfect service capability for your need. Our mission is to make event planning and execution convenient at nothing short of valued pricing. We cater to both short-term and long-term rental power needs.

Our equipment and services include portable generators, rental transformers, distribution panels, cable ramps, even rental HVAC units. Contact Infinite Power to learn more.

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