Reasons Why You Lose Power at the Exact Wrong Time

So, you depend on temporary rental power solutions for construction or some form of special event. You've heard stories about a fellow business owner's nightmare regarding unreliable services they received and advise that you need to be very careful about who you trust with this vital service. Thank that person because he/she is absolutely correct. You must be selective on who you trust. We are that trusted rental power service provider.

Now, some temporary rental power problems are the result of our less than professional competitors out there who provide poorly tested and maintained equipment. Other problems are self-inflicted by rental customers who don't properly attend to their rental solutions operating support needs. We can carry the full load for you so neither threat becomes a threat to you.

Just for your information, here are just some of the reasons rental power solutions fail, and again, forgo these risks when you trust Infinite Power:

  • Ran out of Fuel
    Make sure you know approximately how long you will need power for. An approximate number of hours per day or total for the event will help decide on whether the generator needs to be refueled one time or if a fueling plan needs to be put in place for multiple fills.

  • A GFI circuit tripped off
    Electricity doesn't like water, luckily manufacturers have created ways for them not to mix so as not to create unsafe situations. GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets are on much of the outdoor distribution gear you will find at events, like the outlets you have at home with the Test and Reset buttons. However any small amount of water or something entirely different can trip this and turn the power off. This is an easy fix but annoying none the less.

  • Too much power being drawn
    You size a generator perfectly according to the gear you know needs power€¦ and then once the generator is up and running everyone becomes your best friend and wants to plug in their laptops and coffee machines and turn out the live band also needs power. Suddenly your generator is too small for the job and isn't able to handle the load. Easiest solution€¦ it's your generator so you get to choose who gets power and kick everyone else off!

  • Cable became disconnected
    With lots of cable everywhere, it's not uncommon for a connection to come loose. Bigger cables that carry large amounts of power lock together, but smaller ones such as extension cords often do not. Make sure your connections are good, and if any cable is going to be walked over or driven on a lot consider protecting it with cable ramps.

  • Generator is not up to date on servicing
    Generators are machines that just like your car need servicing every so often€¦ usually 250hrs of running to change filters, etc. Any good rental company will never send equipment out unless it has been recently serviced but depending on where that machine has been can affect its performance. For example, generators that sit out on construction sites can suck up a lot of dirt and dust as opposed to machines that do strictly special events. Ask where your machine has been!

While no issues are completely unavoidable, hiring a company that excels in their field (and may not always be the cheapest option), will guarantee that you have more peace of mind for your special event.

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