Power Your Next Event With Rental Mobile Generator Service

Power will make or break an event. Losing power in the middle of the show can and does happen for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is unreliable utility service from the city or town. It's something that event planners have no control over. Therefore, there are a host of reasons to choose professional rental power services for any and all special events. Here are just some of the things that Infinite Power's services will do for you:

  • Secures Your Event - Mobile generators provide stable and reliable power. Unlike utility power that is prone to sudden power outages, rental generators will ensure uninterrupted power throughout your wedding or event.
  • You Get The Right Unit For Every Application - Purchasing a generator for one time event is costly and impractical. The capacity of your purchased generator may or may not be applicable to your next event or use. Renting mobile generators empowers you to be guided by power professionals who will ensure that you choose the right size and capacity for your specific application.
  • Helps You Determine The Right Size and Capacity - Our certified technicians are highly knowledgeable and experts about generators. They will determine the right generator unit that can adequately supply your lighting, catering, photo booths, visual presentation equipment, band instruments, etc.
  • Delivery, Installation and Removal Are On Them - We save you the hassle of picking up, setting up, and tearing down the equipment. We promptly deliver the unit at your event site, install it and remove it when the event is over. If you request for a standby technician, we can also let some of our crew to stay throughout your event so in case of technical glitches, they can promptly address it.

Your special event can only happen once so make sure no power interruption can ruin it. Contact Infinite Power to provide you reliable portable generators on your event. It's our pleasure to work with you.

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