PORTABLE POWER GENERATORS: Hold Everything That Fits Perfectly To Your Need

Infinite Power serves the rental power needs across the entirety of Virginia, Maryland, and DC. We've served this are for years now and stand ready to deliver upon your rental power need from the smallest super quiet hand-held 2000 watt inverter to the trailered 100KW power generator capable of powering an entire event or movie studio.

Our rental portable generator solutions are designed for both primary and back-up power needs. As professional power engineers, we will design and implement backup power solutions to empower you to operate completely independent of your commercial electrical grid. Our back-up power solutions are a vital element of our clients who manage perishable products, rely upon durable medical equipment like ventilators and oxygen generation systems, and a host of other industries where a minute black out can cause catastrophic damage.

Our mobile generator and power distribution systems is a value-based strategy that prepares you for the inevitable power disruptions that threaten your business operations and your business reputation. Let's get started to remove that risk from your business' operation. Contact Infinite Power for your event power needs.

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