Portable Heaters: Offer Good Safety Features And Customer Support - VA, MD, DC

There is a chill in the air, but our rental portable heater service solutions have empowered tri-state region winter events for years now. Countless people have come to understand and appreciate that rental heating solutions are the equity path to effective and safe climate control for your next winter event.

First, every single event demands a custom requirements analysis (included in the cost of your service) to determine the equipment layout. A significant percentage of our service implementation plans involve electric heating solutions. Electric heaters are workhorses in the live events industry. These units are able to provide heat at three different levels, allowing them to respond to whatever space they are needed for. With a clean design and small footprint they can be rolled into any space and provide the heat you need with or without duct needed.

When the space you are in is large and needs serious heat these are the electric heaters you will want to support you. With a simple design and the ability to be placed directly in the space or be ducted in, our 150KW electric heater can heat up any size space in no time at all.

We also have Indirect Fired Diesel Heaters. In a mobile and small footprint, these units can produce an enormous amount of heat, perfect for any temporary heating need. They are also easily attached to larger fuel tanks for much extended run times.

We can help you figure out the right heating unit for your event needs. Contact Infinite Power.if you need to hire a portable heater for your event.

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