Portable Generator Rental: Backup Power For the Entertainment Industry

It is very important to have a backup power source when your business operates within the arts and entertainment industry. As they say, the show must go on, and it must go on despite sometimes less than reliable local utility power services.

Whether you are looking for a towable or containerized generator that will serve as a primary or secondary power source, trust the true professionals. As countless tri-state business owners have done over the decades, Infinite Power's dedicated staff and state-of-the-art rental power equipment is ready anytime and delivery will be made on a moment's notice.

Mobile generator rentals come in a wide range of power production capabilities. The equipment is readily available for use whether it is a 24-hour backup power rental or primary power solutions. Our equipment is housed either in a soundproofed canopy or enclosed in custom-designed ISO containers in order to produce near-silent operation, enhanced security, durability and easy transportation.

Often your power draw requirements fluctuate over the course of your rental period. This drives the obvious concern to be able to draw down power so as to save on energy expense. We get that. Our generators are equipped with electric load-on-demand capability which automatically turns up, down, on, or off to meet the exact site load demands.

There so much more to talk about regarding reliability and affordability of rental power solutions. To learn more, contact Infinite Power.

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