Portable Electric Heaters for Your Next Winter Tent Event

There are plenty of reasons why event planners take their venues outside, even in the winter. People get sick and tired of being inside all the time. Outside events give your guests the ability to get out and breath fresh crisp air. You're going to need heat the event though. Let us plan and execute your climate control via our full service portable heater rental service.

Portable electric heaters are the assets of choice when it comes to heating tent events. The following are other core reasons why electric heaters are the perfect solution for you:

  1. Safe To Use - Electric tent heaters do not require a fossil fuel source. As a result, you and your guest will not be subject to fumes and potentially toxic exhaust.
  2. Suitable for any size spaces - Portable electric heaters come in a wide array of sizes and capacities. Therefore, we are able to design custom heating and power solutions for your specific need.
  3. Has a small footprint and portable - Electric heater usually starts at 15 pounds with a typical dimension of 8x12x12€. This makes them convenient to carry, set, and transfer when and if necessary.
  4. Clean and efficient - Since it is free from burned fuel emissions, the conditioned air is significantly cleaner than fueled heaters. Our heaters are engineered with stainless jacketed heating coils which facilitates even heat distribution.

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