Portable Electric Heater Rental Services: We’re Your Beltway Special Event Heat and Power Experts - VA, MD, DC

A primary event organizer’s goal is to deliver comfort and safety to the guests. That requires a strategic application of event power and event heating strategies. For decades now, we’ve been the National Capital Region’s go-to rouse for both!

Portable electric heater are a perfect option for heating special events tents. Electric heaters offer an effective and safe environment. The electric heating will be started instantaneously or stopped at a required time keeping a time gap between switching off and cooling of the heating circuit. Electric heating has automatic switching controls. Portable electric heaters are the perfect solution to keep guests defrosted and happy at an event.

Electric heaters are accessible in various sizes making them easy to move and place around your space. It is very clean and efficient. It is free from harmful chemicals as well as safe for the environment. There is a stainless jacketed heating coil within the heater that provides reliable, even heat distribution for maximum comfort. There is a big assurance that using electric heaters requires no ventilation for harmful fumes from space and no fire hazard from an open flame. It is safe for the environment and guests that does not require a fuel source though there is a generator being used to power the heater, the guests will not worry about injury or accidents from fuel lines or open flames. Other portable heaters come in handy for a variety of situations and will save you money on your overall heating costs. If you are heating a small area, using a small electric heater will be less expensive than turning up the thermostat on the whole-house heating system.

Overall, electric heaters provide protection against overcurrent and overheating by using fast control devices. The use of heat produced by electricity is always an economical proposition considering the present low cost and availability of electrical energy. It is very accessible because the electrical furnaces do not require a big space for installation, no storage of coal and firewood, no chimney to be constructed and no extra-heat insulation is required.

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