Portable Commercial Rental Heater Solutions: Keep Commerce Humming

Welcome to the blog of the most trusted rental heating, cooling, and power team across Virginia, Maryland, and DC! The bottom line up front, if you have a short to midterm rental power and/or environmental control service need, we have your solution regardless of the size of you need. The use and precautions within the site-specific plan in your project is crucial in order to ensure heaters are used safely. It is highly important to select the right heater suited for the project. It is necessary that portable heaters will be operated correctly in order to avoid any threat of fire in the project or pose danger to the employees. Portable heaters' safe use and precautions at project sites is critically important. Any temporary heater requires full security to prevent tipping and is fitted with a tip-over switch. Heaters will never be used if they have some exposed elements. It has to be located where it will be far or away from high traffic areas in the site where it will be a potential tripping hazard. Another consideration for electric heaters, the units will be used only in a dry environment. More so, the location where heaters are to be installed will be far from combustible materials. It is important that electric heaters will be secured from potential tip over. And for workers safety, it is required to utilize ground fault protection. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the electrical circuit is rated for the size of the unit rented for the project. With portable electric heaters, it will reduce the risk of health and safety exposures to the workers. It is vital to read and understand the manufacturer's instructions and warning labels before use. Lastly it is important to secure heaters by not using any power strip or extension cord because overheating of this cord will result in fire. Extreme caution is highly necessary. For more tips on Portable heaters, contact Infinite Power.

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