Portable Air Conditioner Renting Tips

Outdoor tent event organizer rely upon portable air conditioners to dissipate heat. Whether it's a tent, rustic barn, or any other type of enclosure, event organizers must consider the comfort of those attending the event. When it comes to cooling special outdoor events, Infinite Power's rental mobile air conditioner service has kept Baltimore cool for decades.

But before you rent a portable air conditioner, here are few things to consider:

  • How/Where to Hook Up The Unit - The first thing you should verify is where to plug in the power of your portable AC sets. This will also determine as to where you are to station the equipment in your venue. Select cooling devices with minimal installation requirement and less complicated operative settings. Although, you can always tap technicians to assist you with the set-up, you should know how to adjust the settings of the unit without their help as well.
  • Know the Cooling Capability of The Unit - You don't want to waste your money on rental fees of faulty cooling machines. You need to determine the space you are too cool and the estimate number of the crowd attending the event. Technicians can help you find out the right unit that will effectively cool your space. In order to make sure that the units are working properly, have it delivered to your venue hours earlier to try them out.
  • Choose A Unit That is Quiet and Less Of An Eye Sore - Go for compact and less bulky type of portable air conditioners that will just blend in with your party decors. Also, it's important to ensure that these sets can run silently so there are no unnecessary that will disrupt the program.
  • Consider The Rental Rate - The rental cost varies by company. It's helpful to check rates from different companies first prior to making a decision. Create a budget range, expect finest ACs are a bit expensive, but it doesn't mean you have to go for them. It's important to settle in a rental unit with a price that is within your budget but can effectively deliver your cooling needs.

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