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Rental Mobile Air Conditioners Ideal For Temporary Event Cooling

If you are an event organizer, providing a comfortable venue for your guests are a top priority. This can be challenging task during this time of year especially when your venue is temporary and not equipped with a permanent HVAC cooling system. Transforming that unconditioned space into a cool and... Read More

Rental HVAC Services for Your Summer Event?

Hosting a big event is exciting but comes with a multitude of planning and execution responsibilities. A major consideration is the comfort of those attending your event and that can be a challenge in these dog days of summer. When hosting an event, always take account the environmental control of... Read More

Portable Air Conditioner Renting Tips

Outdoor tent event organizer rely upon portable air conditioners to dissipate heat. Whether it’s a tent, rustic barn, or any other type of enclosure, event organizers must consider the comfort of those attending the event. When it comes to cooling special outdoor events, Infinite Power’s rental mobile air conditioner service... Read More