Recent Solutions

Light Tower Rental Services: Pro Lighting for Work or Play

Light tower rental services keep tri-state job sites and outdoor events operational at an amazingly affordable rate. Our professional-grade light towers greatly enhance work site safety and productivity and are often described as assets that pay for themselves. Long after the last event participant is gone and clean up begins,... Read More

PORTABLE Rental AIR CONDITIONER SERVICES: Invest in Company Growth and Productivity of Workers

Portable air conditioner rental services help you and your business grow…comfortably. As your business expands, you increase personnel and heat generating equipment. Many businesses are not ready to pay the super-high capital cost of HVAC renovation, often times because the sudden need for auxiliary cooling services just might be temporary... Read More

Mobile Generator Rental Services: Powering VA, MD, DC

For your next public or private event, new or existing construction site, or any other power consuming project, you can count on Infinite Power’s portable power solutions as countless others have done over the years. High-level power and rapid response service is the how we do it. We’ll make it... Read More