Recent Solutions

Special Events Call For Reliable Rental Cooling and Power

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large crowd festivity, Infinite Power is your source for rental power and spot cooling solutions. Our HVAC and backup generator services cater to public and private events in Alexandria and across all Northern Virginia. We specialize in providing cooling and temporary power solution... Read More

Cooling and Power Rental for Baltimore Events

Whether hosting a small family party or a grand corporate event in Baltimore and DC, mobile generator and portable AC units are indispensable. This equipment is there for you to light the event and to keep participants cool and dry. Infinite Power cooling and power rental solutions stands ready to... Read More

Mobile Generator Rentals For Remote Wedding Venues

Many couples seek remote and quaint venues for their wedding ceremonies far removed from commercial structures. They often choose remote venues where power may be scarce at best but most times completely unavailable. Expert wedding organizers accept these challenges knowing that Infinite Power is their partner in making wedding events... Read More