Mobile Rental Generators: Making Filmmaking Possible in Remote Locations

Having a steady stream of mobile power is crucial in movie production sets. Only commercial-grade generators with voltage regulating system can ensure a safe and stable electricity to meet the set's entire power needs, especially when filming in remote areas.

Commercial portable generators can be rented by production managers to serve as a reliable power source when filming scenes in outlying locations. Typically, some secluded locations have no electricity. In order to make the filmmaking possible, trailer-mounted generators are hired to run filming gears, lightings and other equipment used in movie productions. Modern mobile generators are beneficial in this kind of industry because of their portability and silent operations. New generator technology can now operate discreetly, becoming more suitable for applications that discourage extraneous noise.

If you are looking for a rental mobile generator dealer that specializes in movie sets, live broadcast, or events, contact Infinite Power. We carry high quality commercial generators for rent. So if you are in need of temporary power solution for small or large scale production settings. Contact Infinite Power and find out how we can assist you!

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