Mobile Lighting Services for Your Spring Event

Spring greetings event planners! It’s time to celebrate getting back outdoors and once again enjoying profitable commerce. We help your (and countless other event planners like you) maximize profitability by delivering reliable and affordable rental lighting solutions. Regardless of the size of your event nor the area to be illuminated, we have rental lighting solutions to mee your need.

Here’s just one example of how we do it. Check out our Eco Light Electrical Light Tower which not only delivers you low cost functional utility, but does so in an environmentally friendly fashion. This product is an environmentally friendly spin on the classic light tower. This can light up any area or space without requiring any fuel… just plug into an electrical source and play. Can also be combined in a chain of multiple lights all powered off a single power source or normal light tower. The lighting equipment can provide brilliant illumination with long run times. In addition, it is engineered with outstanding optical performance, and excellent maneuverability making it an ideal event power solution.

Infinite Power is committed to staying at the forefront of more environmentally friendly event power solutions. With this commitment comes investing in products that are more environmentally conscious while still performing at the level live events demand.

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