Mobile Generators for Baltimore and DC Movie Sets

Power, lighting, and other filming support service to the movie production and entertainment industry is the sweet spot for all of us here at Infinite Power. We're best known for providing super-quiet and efficient rental mobile generator service to filming directors across Baltimore and DC. Movie sets, especially for scenes filmed in remote locations, require high-capacity and stable power. Considering the multitude of power hungry gears and equipment associated with film production, set directors must rely on true power professionals to keep the project rolling, uninterrupted. Infinite Power's rental mobile generators are our on-site power production services have served Baltimore and DC film production for decades now.

Infinite Power offers a complete line of rental mobile generators in a large variety of sizes and capacities ranging from 3,000W to 1,000KW. Our team caters to small to large scale movie production sites alike. Mobile generators ensure that the entirety of set equipment is capable of operating simultaneously, safely, and quietly while the cameras roll. These portable generator units are engineered with voltage regulation system securing battery packs and devices with different voltages safely charged.

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