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Jobsites across the Tri-State area require round-the-clock operations. Working at night comes with its own exceptional set of challenges, not the least of which is providing adequate light to work safely and efficiently. The safety of the workers and nearby pedestrians is the most important factor in any worksite. With solar hybrid light tower rentals, it guarantees that failure is not an option.

Choosing the light tower is very essential in order to make sure that the light tower you choose will light the worksite and set up correctly to provide adequate light and will not cause any hazards. Light towers are your answer to provide adequate illumination in your work area and provide a safe and comfortable work environment through the night. It is commonly used for those works that require night-time activity. Hence, it is highly important to consider getting a one light tower depending on the size of the work area. There are different models that vary however in the normal case, it uses four to six light fixtures at the top of the towers. The height and number of bulbs included will be determined in choosing the right tower for your job. It is highly important to consider the amount of area you will need to cover and the level of illumination you need before making the decision.

Light towers have no limit in their use. It is commonly used in casual activities like providing lighting solutions for outdoor public events such as festivals and sports games. The important thing is the installation to ensure that it is properly and safely set up. As for its portability many light towers are connected to generators to provide the level of mobility that is required when lighting mostly secluded work sites.

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