Infinite Power Climate Control Services for DC Tent Events

Outdoor event planning within the District of Columbia is in full swing for early spring outside tent events.  Weddings, festivals, campaign events, and an infinite list of other activities get moved outdoors.  Event planners pray for that "blue bird" weather day, but Murphy demands that they plan for unseasonable cold, heat, rain, or snow.  When it is time to plan your DC tent event, know that Infinite Power is your one-stop shop for your DC event's climate control services!

We're experienced and specialize at calculating your exact outdoor climate control solution.  Our analysis will incorporate the dimensions of your protective structure, the number of attendees, factor in the historical heat and cold historical extremes, distance to remote rental power equipment, and a host of other considerations.  But the great thing for you as a planner, you don't worry about those things.  We have you covered. We'll have your venue cooled or heated from the time the tent is erected until the last staff member departs for the night.

The list of those who have trusted us for temporary outdoor  (HVAC) support services in the District of Columbia range from presidents to popes! You can trust us too!  To plan your next DC outdoor tent event, contact us.

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