Importance of Rental Cable Ramps in Event Setups

Cables that are left lying on the ground can cause setup disaster and personal injury. Unsecured cables present a common oversight and a very real form of danger. It only takes someone to trip over a single cable line to create a health or financial fiasco in your event. Having said that, it definitely pays to have cable ramps installed. Rental cable ramps serve as a protection for your cables and wiring so you can conveniently and safely move around them. But not all cable ramps are alike. There's always a suitable type for every application. At Infinite Power, we have wide array of options for cable ramps. Prior to renting, it is important to determine the following: the number of cable slots appropriate for your application weight capacity - know whether people or vehicle will walk or drive over the cable ramps material composition that is suitable to your purpose (polyurethane or rubber) connector style to use to ensure full security and stability of cables. For more information about rental cable ramps in VA, MD, DC, contact Infinite Power.

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