How To Determine Power Requirements for Your Tent Wedding?

Are you planning to bring your wedding outdoors for a unique winter wedding experience? Calculating your power requirement is a pretty darn important step in your planning process. Countless clients bring us stories of friends and relatives who suffered power failures at their outdoor wedding event and arrive us saying how they wished they had turned to the professionals. Rest easy when you turn to Infinite Power's rental power solutions to source power for your outdoor wedding.

How Much Power Do I Need For My Wedding?

List down all components of your wedding that need to use electricity including the amount of power needed to supply each component. Contact your host and other suppliers in order to ascertain that you are working with the exact figure. After you determine the total power estimate, rent a portable generator that doubles the capacity you actually THINK that you need. This will prevent any mishaps, especially on your big day. As a benchmark, 15-20 amps or 2000 watts represents an average circuit, with each amp around 100 watts.

The following is an typical breakdown for the power required to supply important wedding components:

DJ Sound Equipment: 10 amps or less

Incandescent Tent Lights: 5 amps times 2-6 lights (depending on the number of lights you use)

Perimeter Lighting: 20 LED lighting fixtures will require 2 amps. While 10 amps is required to power 20 non-LED lighting fixtures. The dance floor may also require Leko lights which need 5 amps each. Typically, weddings require 2.

Food Warmers/Coffee Makers: These appliances usually need 10amps each.

The above breakdown shows a very typical prep and nothing lavish. But the amount of demanded amps quickly adds up, how much more if you are thinking of a more extravagant setup. Additional power is needed if you need to rent electric heaters to keep your guests warm. Proper coordination with your vendors is necessary to determine the exact numbers in terms of how much power is required to power each equipment.

You don't have to do the power calculation on your own. Leave this task to the professionals. Contact Infinite Power as we carry a complete line of rental portable generators to match your specific wedding power demand. We have certified technicians to assist you configure precisely the amount of power required for a smooth-sailing event.

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