Top 4 things to know when renting a generator for an event

Need a generator for your event? Here are some top things to think about:

  • Make sure the site is accessible! Many times we get asked to deliver a generator and the access points are not viable. Generators are usually delivered either by a pickup truck, rollback, or semi. Make sure that there is a clear path! Also make sure that if there is grounds or grass being driven on, that there is sufficient ground cover or you have permission to drive on the premises.
  • Have an idea of what is actually being powered! We can always help you get the proper KW (Kilowatt) of generator needed, as long as you have some basic information on what is needed to be powered. Never fear asking for assistance or getting us involved early, we can decipher the information and make the process fluid.
  • How long will the unit run? The last thing you want to do is order a generator and halfway during the event you run out of fuel! Tell us the hours needed and we can either fuel the unit or have it done so that there are no outages!
  • Know your options! Generators are machines and no matter how meticulous we maintain the equipment there is a slight chance of failure. Realize the importance of your event and understand that ordering a backup generator may cost a little bit more (Usually backups are less expensive because they don't run) but they will give you piece of mind. And more importantly, though these machines are easy to operate, if you feel uncomfortable around them make sure you ask for a technician to be onsite for any concerns or issues! They are worth their weight in gold a majority of the time. (Especially when those 6 coffeemakers on that one circuit) trip the breaker!
* Remember power is seen as a small item to your event, UNTIL there is a problem! Never let power be an issue, call us and give us the right information to make power stay in the background!

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