Event Tent Air Conditioning Is Essential Even In Fall

Event planners for outside fall events often struggle with deciding to budget for HVAC support services. The thinking is that HVAC is not necessary in the mild weather of fall. Ah, but think again! There are numerous reasons why outside tent event cooling and heating should be incorporated into your event planning. Those reasons include:

  • Unpredictable weather - Autumn weather is a crazy one. It can be hot in the daytime but temperature can suddenly drop to a significant degree in the next hours.
  • Greenhouse effect - A tent can heat up instantly, especially when it accommodates a huge crowd of sweaty bodies grinding around inside. Moisture and humidity can make the environment even more uncomfortable.
  • Prevents Easy Food Spoilage - Spoilage issues are a concern in a warm environment. It's important to maintain a proper temperature for your fancy food displays and buffets.
  • Fresh Flower Decorations - Certain flowers cannot tolerate an ambient temperature that goes beyond 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Your flower decorations may get dry and spoil under a very warm tent before your party even starts.

Seek an advice from your event air conditioning rental dealerabout what AC unit will work adequately for your event. Temporary AC units come in many shapes and sizes. They are also available in different capacities and configurations to be suitable to the tent size and distinct constraints of the venue. Enough units and proper positioning is the key to keep the space evenly cooled and conditioned.

So if you have a tented event coming up, contact Infinite Power. We are an AC rental dealer that specialized in event cooling and we will help you make the decision on your event tent air conditioning system easy.

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