Event Power, Lighting, and Environment Control Onsite Operator Services - VA, MD, DC

Having a qualified and experienced technician onsite during your event can provide the ultimate ease of mind and ensure success of any event. Event power, lighting, and HVAC Onsite Operators are able to act both proactively and strategically to issues and impromptu service needs in real time to maximize your event’s success.

Onsite event operator services guarantee that you possess the skills and proficiencies to adapt to your event’s spontaneous power, lighting, and HVAC challenges and to address technical challenges that might occur. With expertise in production procedures, our team of onsite operators deliver you the very best chance for uninterrupted event services. If you’ve ever managed an event that had power, lighting, or HVAC failure, you’re trying very hard to forget that event. With onsite operator services from us here at Infinite Power, your next event will be one to remember (and to model) for power, lighting, and HVAC.

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