Event Planners: Leave Power and HVAC Execution to the Pros

Business owners, there is huge value in relieving your highly paid event planners of power and HVAC planning and execution. When you consider the high capital cost of procuring, maintaining, event permitting , and deployment of these service vs contracting for event power solutions and contract HVAC services , the business decision to go with the latter is as clear as day.

Hosting a big event is exciting but comes with a multitude of planning and execution responsibilities. Your event planning staff is challenged with a multitude of issues, but power and HVAC need not weigh them down. Infinite Power specializes in rental HVAC support services.

Our rental mobile air conditioning solutions take the stress out of event planning and execution. With a variety of sizes and capacities available, we will source to you the perfectly matched equipment to fully cool your venue, large or small. No matter how distinct your venue structure is, we'll condition every square inch. With years of experience, Infinite Power has seen and done it all. Let us take the stress and worry out of planning your next event. Contact Infinite Power today!

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