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If you and your business decide to forgo fund on-site emergency power generation protection, we get it. That’s a massive capital investment. Therefore, you’re going to want to bookmark this blog. This is because Infinite Power provides generator rental service across Virginia, Maryland, and DC. Here’s our resume. Presidential inaugurations, Pope visitations, Preakness races, numerous NATO summits, and the list goes on. The point here is we are entrusted to power the most high-profile events across the tri-state area, and we’re ready to deliver for you!

Our rental portable generator service includes the requirement analysis to guarantee that your emergency (or planned) power need is sufficient to guarantee uninterrupted business operations for both your short and long-term needs. Our portable generator and power production services are on demand, when you, need it, fast, and reliable. We’ll save the best for last, that being the best value solution you will find in the tri-state region!

Electrical power is vital in any project site. When the power goes out during a major storm or facility company outage, the operations will be hampered and cause major damages in production and delivery. When there is power outage, generators will keep the essential equipment and circuits on and functioning. Portable generators aim for full attainment of fully equipped tools that will be used in any possible power outage. It gives the power of putting in place all the priorities of the project towards fulfilling the project completion and its scheduled delivery. Preparing the equipment, it is much better to set up the generator because once it is needed, it will be easier to get the generator up and running quickly and easily. Setting up the generator is highly important like checking the oil and fuel levels and top them off as needed. Once the generator is placed to the dry, well-ventilated place, it is better to gather together the various extension cords that will be needed. It is important that the generator is well-maintained in good shape and keep fresh gasoline on hand to make sure that the generator will start when you need it.

Furthermore, having a mobile generator extends to non-emergencies. Workers at the project site are using electrical tools and with portable generators it is the best and the most convenient solution. It is very accessible in moving over several locations with relative ease. With a generator on hand for emergencies, you are ensured the project is having continuous operation and the workers are safe and sound. Lastly, the company will be beneficial because it will prevent possible extraordinary expenses due to accidents or damages.

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