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Rental Portable Electric Heaters For Your Outdoor Winter Wedding

Despite the chilly winter weather, couples across America pursue their wedding in a tent or an outdoor pavilion. Providing a comfortable environment can be challenging especially for larger wedding venues. Rental portable electric heaters have you covered regardless of temperature and size of your venue. Here are the reasons why... Read More

Rental Mobile Generators for VA MD DC Holiday Events

The tristate area of Virginia, Maryland, and DC is chocked full of fall and winter Holiday festivals, corporate, and private events. Smart event planners include backup power generation as part of the event contingency planning process. Many choose to incorporate rental mobile generators in their event planning given the ease,... Read More

Sound-Proof Mobile Generators for Professional Event Productions

Ultra-quiet generators (like the ones we supply here at Infinite Power) are essential for event and entertainment productions. However, most rental generator companies offer equipment that is not well insulated for noise. It’s very important for event organizers to know what they are getting. You can rest assured that our... Read More